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Fontainebleau Security Patrol

One of the secrets to Fontainebleau’s outstanding quality of life is its residents’ longstanding commitment to security. Since 1990, the Fontainebleau Security Patrol has funded off-duty law enforcement professionals to patrol our neighborhood visibly and consistently. Participation in the security patrol is separate from membership in the Fontainebleau Improvement Association. Security patrol membership is $28 per month, $168 twice a year, or $336 annually. All dues go to patrol operations—administration and coordination are provided by dedicated volunteers. While everyone benefits from the Security Patrol’s presence, members receive exclusive benefits:

• Meet Me At Home Service: When officers are on duty, members arriving home after dark may call to have the officer keep an eye on them as they walk from their car to the door.

• Yard Sign

• Magnet with the on-duty officer’s cell phone

• Monthly bulletin with patrol schedules, neighborhood activity report and security issue alerts

We need your help. The more members we have, the more patrol hours we can provide. For more information on Fontainebleau Security Patrol, please contact Laurie Conkerton at security@fia-nola.org or 866-3051.

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FIA Patrol Dues
(Annual, six-month and monthly dues payments available)

A small convenience fee is added to online payments
to cover credit card processing.


To report criminal activity to the NOPD, please CLICK HERE for a NOPD Hot Sheet.